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  1. hello, I’m a simple people of Russia, and I quite accidentally found one of your song through one man, and went to you this night. that’s so good to listen your calm voice. thanks for your work, that’s magically🤎🤎

    1. crazyshrimp

      one am.
      chances are very low that someone will see this message, but a few of your cute songs made my day (night) so professional, so beautiful. just heavenly

  2. cal or penny

    what is the name of the cd is it on youtube a pie of fur and a little slop and the name of your show

  3. Penny

    Hi Christopher,
    My kids love your song “Sunny Days, Rainy Days” and we’ve been playing it for years. However we lost the CD and I can’t find it in store or online….is there any way I can purchase it? Thanks 🙂

    1. EdwardsinBB

      We had the Best of Sing-a-long cd from Direct Source and it had Sunny Days, Rainy Days on it. It also had the funniest version of One Man Went to Mow. We can’t find the cd but have all the songs saved on an old ipod. Try searching for the cd on ebay. I found it listed there.

  4. Madison L

    Hi Mr. Pennington,
    This may be a long shot but I have been trying to track down this show for years now and I can’t seem to find it. When I was younger I used to watch a show about kids playing with instruments, storytelling, etc. However I can’t remember the title. I am fairly certain that your song “Sunny Days, Rainy Days” was the intro/was used in the show. This is the only part of the show that i can vividly remember. Hoping you will be able to help me track down this show, Thanks.

  5. Cal

    Hello! I adored the song “Sunny Day, Rainy Day” as a child, but I’m having trouble finding it again. I can’t locate the CD it’s on. The closest I’ve gotten to finding it online is the AllMusic page, a website with only the lyrics, and this blog. Sadly, I’ve checked your portfolio multiple times and haven’t seen it or any of the albums AllMusic has it under.

    1. Christopher

      Hi there Cal!
      We’re in the process of updating a whole bunch of tunes, and Sunny Day, Rainy Day is in that batch. But in the meantime, I’ll email you a copy of the original.
      Thanks so much for getting in touch! I’ll be sure to let you know when the new version is ready as well.
      Best wishes!

  6. Josh Simpson

    I’ve just found ink black cat on an old cd and, it’s brilliant. Absolutely beautiful folk song. I was certain it was a years old folk song. I’m surprised to find you on the inter webs. I would love to include this song in my set as, I am also a musician. Please give me your blessing. I have been obsessing over this song since I heard it. And , have been singing your praises. I would love to hear more songs like this one. Thank you for your beautiful song and, your time. Sincerely, josh from KY

  7. Sisi

    Hi Chris,

    My son absolutely loves your Baby’s Anumal Songs album. He always wants us to play it. He’s 28…

    ..kidding he’s 16 months.

    1. Christopher

      Hi Sisi,
      Haha! So happy to hear that! But, I wouldn’t have held it against him if he were 28. 🙂
      Which is his favorite song?
      Thanks so much for writing!

  8. Hi Christopher. Seems we enjoy the same last name, though I don’t think we are related. I am 82 years young and working with kids at my old elementary school I first attended some 75 years ago. We are doing this on a voluntary basis and it is in aid of developing a ‘Playful School Culture’ with the students.
    A dear friend of mine in California came across you work whilst researching “Playmate”. We are now involved in trying to develop other ‘verses’ for the song. Wonder if we could interest and involve you in our initiative. I am going to take the liberty of sending you a candid CV and also a copy of our draft Playful School Culture Charter. Would be wonderful to work with another Pennington!

  9. Sandra

    for years I have been trying to find the song that goes “the moon is full and the stars are bright” and I’ve been hearing it since I was a little girl (I’m 18 now) if you can, please email me the song

  10. Phil

    Thanks so much for the music. “Good Night, Sleep Tight” has become a standard in our house. I know that my 5-year-old will be singing it to her grand children when I’m long gone. It’s a real gem.

    Also, thanks for such a quick response to my email.

    1. Christopher

      You’re very welcome, Phil. It’s wonderful to know that the song lives on. Truly surprised by your generous payment for the tune – above and beyond! Wishing you and your family all the best!


  11. Hello Sandra! I hope you read this…
    I got an email from you about the song, I Can Sing. I wrote back to you, but the email bounced back to me. Is it possible you wrote the address wrong? In any case, just so you know, I did in fact write the song and I would be happy to have you do your own arrangement. Please get back to me and we’ll figure this all out…


    Christopher Pennington

  12. Hi Chris – The Goodbye song is being featured at my daughters school here in Decatur GA and some of us parents will be playing it. Might it be possible for you to let me know the progressions that you use – sounds like guitar, bass, ukelele arrangement – which we might be able to pull together; but I am thinking that it will most likely end up a 2 guitar arrangement. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  13. Mr. Pennington,

    Thank you for focusing so much of your time and gifts on works for children. I direct a program designed to expose pre-school aged children to the world of music theatre and your music has brought much inspiration for silly, happy rehearsals. Kids can be the most honest, hard-working people around and great art for their sake is a sign of respect for their blossoming talents and future life. Thanks again, and take care!

    1. Thanks, so much Rebeckah! So glad to hear that the music is getting some good use! Are there any particular songs that you find the most useful for your program?

  14. Jocelyn Marchessault

    Hi Chris,
    I am right now on a stampede to get all your Kids Direct CDs… Got 14 disc so far… Been lucky enough to find for a fair price on Amazon.ca the Kids Music Box with its collection of 8 CDs..

    Sadly, I can’t find any store on the southshore of Montréal that still sells those discs… if you know a good place around, please, let me know…

    I especially love those Split-tracks… give me and my wife a chance to sing along on songs that you never got on the Karaoke Direct discs… Bought all the CDGs a long time ago 🙂

    Could you tell me if you have anywhere online all the lyrics from your songs? The lyrics included with your CDs are kinda printed in very small fonts….

    Thaks a bunch for all your wonderfull work

    1. Christopher

      Hi Jocelyn, thanks for taking the time to write. I’m sorry for taking so long to respond, but I somehow missed your note. Please let me know of any songs that you need the lyrics for and I’ll try and get them to you! Thanks again!

  15. Diane

    I am so happy to have finally found you on the internet! Your soothing lullabies have been a part of our grand children’s sweet dreams since their birth. A few years ago, I purchased a set of your songs by CD Bunny Classics and fell in love with Snuggle Baby. In fact, I wore out the disc! We have consider you our all time favorite in children’s music and have wanted to know more about you. Love, love your style, your music and your voice! Keep sharing your wonderful talents! Thank you!!

    1. Well, thanks so much Diane, you’ve made my day! Let me know if you need another copy of that CD, I think I have one here. At the very least I could send you the mp3’s… Still doing music and I’ve been toying on and off with a new kids’ album. A note like yours goes a long way to reinvigorating my desire to get it done. Thanks again for taking the time to write me such a lovely note!

      All the best!

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Thanks very much! Ink Black Cat is one of my favourites too…
      Interestingly, the record company almost disallowed it. They
      thought it was too dark. But I remember when I was a kid that
      I loved haunting tunes.

      I’m working on an album right now as a matter of fact which should
      be ready this summer. It’ll be more like this tune, acoustic and
      straight ahead. I’ll let you know!

      Right now, I’m working with Kiboomu.com writing and producing
      their music. The latest of this stuff is available on itunes under the
      title, “The Kiboomers”.

      One question, would you mind letting me know how you stumbled
      upon my page?

      Thanks again for the compliment, Pamela!
      All the best,


  16. Hello Heather!
    Sorry to get back to you so late, I’ve been crazy busy these days…
    Am I too late to get you that music? I’d be delighted to write it out for you if you still need it.
    By the way, could you tell me how you came across the song?
    All the best!


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