My New Site!

Hope you enjoy my music!

4 thoughts on “My New Site!

  1. Jessica Hubbard

    Just looked you up today as my kids recently got the Puff the Magic Dragon kids songs cd and they are obssessed with Ink Black Cat!! I think the dog howling is there favorite part, they sing that part the loudest 🙂 I love the folksy vibe of it. It’s been fun learning about the other songs you’ve wrote on your site, I’m excited to introduce them to my kiddos. Thanks for making our car rides fun!

  2. hey mr. rockstar, what farms are you playing at this weekend? forget the name. wanted to spread the word with some friends with little kids in tow. thanks 🙂 your fan

  3. Hi all,
    If you followed me on my old site, welcome to my new site. If this is your first time visiting me, then a big welcome to you!
    I hope to share more music and some new music with you. If you have any thing to say or ask me, then please visit my comments page “We would love to know what you think!”


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