‘BANANA PIE’ was a winning song in the ‘International Songwriting Competition’.  Co-written and co-produced by multiple Juno Award winner Paul Johnston.  Eric Serre drew some wonderful illustrations for the upcoming book by the same name.  Have a slice!



Banana Pie Lyrics by C. Pennington Music by C. Pennington & Paul Johnston


The inspirations for Great Big World were my two kids when they were just brand new little people.


Great Big World Lyrics/Music C. Pennington


This song was co-written with the wonderfully talented Danielle Robichaud and sung by the phenomenal Virgo.

Kidzup L'espace Cover

Une pluie d’etoiles -Music by C. Pennington Lyrics by D. Robichaud.


This tune appeared on at least 20 compilation CDs for Kidzup and is probably its all time best-selling song.  Co-written with another one of my incredible writing partners and founder of Kidzup and Kiboomu, Wendy Wiseman.


Good Morning – Lyrics/Music by C. Pennington & Wendy Wiseman


The Ink Black Cat – One of my faves…

Puff The Magic Dragon & Other Favorites

The Ink Black Cat Lyrics/Music C. Pennington


There’s A Fish – a song about nothing, really, with the lyrics going backwards and forwards through the concepts of the prepositions “in”, “on”, “under” etc.  Another upcoming book with wonderful illustrations by Christine Filion.

Teddy Bears' Picnic

There’s a Fish Lyrics/Music C. Pennington



Rainy Day

Worms, Worms, Worms! Lyrics by Stacey Evett  Music by Stacey Evett & C. Pennington


“Save the World” was the theme song for Super Hero Classics.  The creative director of the record company told me that her 3 boys demanded it every time they drove in the car.  She would see them in the rear view mirror all head banging in unison to the music in the back seat.  I’ll never forget that image…

Super Hero Classics

Save The World Lyrics/Music by C. Pennington


Little Red Rocking Horse is my tribute to Mr. Dressup.  If you’re Canadian, you know who I’m talking about…

Toddler Time Classics

Little Red Rocking Horse Lyrics/Music C. Pennington

This song always gets me.  The children in the recording are my kids, Kelly and Sam.  Those kids sang themselves hoarse for me. And for the promise of cash and Pokemon cards – (which sometimes actually materialized…)

Bed Time Classics

The Man in the Moon Lyrics/Music C. Pennington


I try to slip a bit of Canada into songs when I can.  This is an “add-on” song, like “I Knew an Old Lady”.  It takes place on an imaginary boat sailing up the St. Lawrence River.  Again with the young, hopeful voices of Kelly and Sam…

Outside Time Classics

If I Had a Boat Lyrics/Music  C. Pennington